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“I am happiest when floating in the water.”
I was in Puerto Rico for a work event and extended my stay to get out and enjoy its famous beaches. I’d been told that La Playa Flamenco, was ranked the second most beautiful beach by the Discovery channel and was not to be missed. And because I am a lover of beautiful beaches and water I booked myself on a snorkeling excursion that would take me out to this famous beach.
La Playa Flamenco was stunning as it had been advertised and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this beach. But what  I remember most about that day was when one of the other travelers an older woman traveling with her husband said to me, “You know I watched all the other people out there snorkeling away and then I spotted you. You were having so much fun and all you were doing was floating.” It’s funny to think that she could see the joy I got from simply floating in the water that day! It’s my little reminder to keep my cup of happiness small. I don’t need much to make me smile just a beach, calm waters and a day of floating.
Here are my top picks for best beaches to float in.

Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica 


 La Playa Flamenco in Culebra, Puerto Rico


Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island, Thailand


Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii


La Playa Varadero in Varadero, Cuba



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