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Bali had been on my travel list for years. It was a destination that always came up when I talked travel. Someday I was going to get to Bali. This past September that dream came true. Bali was everything I’d imagined it would be.
These 5 places made my Bali experience awesome!
La Plancha Beach & Bar in Kuta
Colorful bean bags and umbrellas fill this strip of the beach and beachgoers come to enjoy good food and drinks while waiting for the sun to set. La Plancha has a great DJ, lots of vendors selling an assortment of souvenirs and everyone is trying to capture that perfect sunset shot!
Tip: if you want to catch the sunset, arrive early to grab a bean bag. Order the sangria it was delish!


Dreamland Beach in Kuta
This beach is known as a surfer’s paradise. Grab a beach chair and watch surfers do their thing or get a massage as you relax under your beach umbrella. The waves were massive the water was clear and although I did not attempt to take a dip, there were plenty of swimmers enjoying the wild waves of Dreamland Beach.
Tip: if you are not a strong swimmer stay out of the water.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud
When I think of Bali I see images of these green lush rice terraces. These are not to be missed when one travels to Bali. If you cannot trek around them I still suggest going to see them from above. I felt a sense of calm and relaxation as I was there in the early morning hours, the city had yet to wake up and all you could hear was the birds and sounds of nature.
Tip: arrive early before the crowds of tourist to enjoy them in silence.


Holy Spring Water Temple in Tampaksiring
If you are looking for a spiritual experience look no further than the Holy Spring Water Temple. There are two pools with some 20 plus water stations. You begin at one end and move from each station as you cleanse yourself in the holy waters. Each one has a different name and offers a unique spiritual cleansing. It can get crowded but worth the wait and dealing with the crowds for a dip in the holy water.
Tip: Bring a change of clothes. Wear a swimsuit under your clothes. Bring your own sarong if you plan to get in the water. Be respectful and follow the rules.


Nusa Dua in South Kuta
I ended a long trip in Bali with a stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Nusa Dua this was by far the best thing I could have done. If you are into luxury like I am then staying at The Ritz is a must. This hotel is a luxury at its finest.
Tip: Book a room with a private pool. Visit the spa even if you do not get a service the spa offers many ways to relax before a long flight home.


The Balinese culture is like a breath of fresh air. They are kind and welcoming. I found people to be genuinely happy and proud of their heritage and eager to show you the sites of their country.
Bali, I will return some day. 


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