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5 Quintessential Spots to Visit in Bali.

La Plancha is a brightly colored beach shack bar and restaurant located on the shore of Seminyak’s famous surf break and one of Kuta’s best sunset points. Beach-goers relax on bean bags under colorful Balinese parasols. The restaurant has delicious food, tasty cocktails, and a lively crowd. I arrived in the afternoon to capture one of Bali’s stunning sunsets. The views from La Plancha did not disappoint!


Dreamland Beach in Kuta is located on the Bukit peninsula and is known as one of Bali’s ‘hidden’ beaches. The beach is a popular surf spot as well. The beach offers chairs and umbrellas for rent – cash only. There is a restaurant a few shops and if you are in the mood for a beachside massage there were plenty of masseuses available. Although I am not a surfer I thoroughly enjoyed spending a relaxing afternoon watching surfers ride the wild waves of Dreamland Beach.


When I think of Bali images of green lush rice terraces instantly comes to mind. Naturally, during my visit to Bali, I wanted to visit its rice terraces. Tegallalang Rice Terraces is located in Ubud and is one of its most popular spots. I arrived early to avoid the crowds. I spent a peaceful morning wandering throughout the rice terraces. I’d paused to meditate, listened to nature and marvel at the terraced landscape. Visiting Tegallalang is not to be missed if you are planning to visit Ubud.


Tirtha Empul Temple (Holy Spring Water Temple) located in central Bali offers travelers the opportunity to participate in a Hindu ritual. I took a day trip to this temple for a spiritual cleansing myself. Once on the grounds, you will find a large rectangular pool with 13 spouts. To enter the pool you must wear a sarong. Once in the pool of spring water with your hands pressed in prayer pose, you bow before each of the 13 sculpted spouts allowing the cold gushing water to cleanse you. It was a unique experience and a delightful way to spend an afternoon in Bali.


Bali is known for many things especially its luxurious 5-star resorts. I ended my Balinese adventures with a stay at the Ritz – Carlton in Nusa Dua located in South Kuta. From the moment I arrived on the grounds the hospitality the staff provides is unparallel to anything, I’ve ever experienced. If you want luxury done right be sure to stay at the Ritz – Carlton. I suggest booking a room with a private pool and do yourself a favor visit the spa for an invigorating day of being pampering.


The Balinese culture is like a breath of fresh air with kind and welcoming smiles I found the people to be genuinely happy and beautiflly proud of their heritage. Bali was everything I’d dreamed it would be. I am keen to return someday to explore more of its rich cultural and natural beauty. Bali, I promise I will return someday.


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